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Network diagram

Network diagrams are visualizations that depict the relationships (edges) between a set of nodes (vertices). Edges can be undirected or directed

Scimago Graphica can work with standard graph formats such as GML or GraphML, but also with its specific format (see sample data) or even with simple edge lists.

Once the data has been loaded, we simply have to choose a layout algorithm (in Marks → Layout) to visually arrange the nodes in an ordered way.

Among the layout algorithms available are:

  • Force-directed: This is the most common type of algorithm, which aims to improve visual legibility by avoiding overlaps between nodes and crossings between links.
  • Lin-Log: This algorithm is especially useful for emphasizing cluster relationships between nodes.
  • Dagree Top-Bottom and Dagree Left-Right: Hierarchical layout algorithm.

Download sample projectsample data

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